DISTRACT brings together social science and data science methods to explore the political economy of distraction in the post-digital age. Combining qualitative and quantitative data, our interdisciplinary team investigates the mental, social and material techniques by which attention is captured, retained, and distracted in the world’s most digitized country, Denmark.

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Newspaper article: Venskabet er på vej til at »overhale« kærligheden. Kristoffer Albris is interviewed about friendships during corona. Politiken. 29 Jun 2021.  

Podcast: "Det Gode Menneske". Kristoffer Albris on the podcast Brinkmanns Briks, on Danish Radio P1, hosted by psychologist Svend Brinkmann. 28 Apr 2021. 

Television: "Når Danmark Åbner". Kristoffer Albris is interviewed at a DJØF television event on what Denmark will look like after corona. The event also featured Søren Brostrøm, Svend Brinkmann, Lykke Friis, and others. 25 Mar 2021.

Online article: "Grin, syng, drik alkohol!": Tiden efter corona kan blive en frisk start for vores hårdt pressede venskaber. Kristoffer Albris is interviewed about friendship during the corona pandemic. ZETLAND. 26 Feb 2021.

Magazine article: Et år senere: Det lærte vi af corona. Kristoffer Albris is interviewed about our ability to adapt to a new normal during the corona pandemic. The Magazine I FORM. 18 Feb 2021.

Newspaper article: Har danskerne haft en luksus-lockdown? Her er, hvad Google afslører. Morten Axel Pedersen interviewed about Google search terms during corona. Berlingske Tidende. 17 Feb 2021.

Television: Aftenshowet DR1, Danish Broadcasting Service. Morten Axel Pedersen comments on Google search terms during corona. 15 Feb 2021.

Newspaper article: I 2020 kunne klimaet trække vejret: Det lærte vi om, hvad der skal til for at sikre grøn omstilling. Akademikerbladet. Anders Blok and Kristoffer Albris are interviewed on corona and climate politics. 20 Dec 2020.

Newspaper article: Children are not necessarily addicted to screens. Jylland-Posten. By Anne Marie Hastrup Kristensen. 02 Sep 2020. 

Newspaper article: Mobile phones and distractions in classrooms: nuances needed. Politiken. By Anne Marie Hastrup Kristensen. 20 Aug 2020.

Newspaper article: Farvel til Smalltalk. Weekendavisen. Kristoffer Albris is interviewed about the DISTRACT logbook study. 21 Jul 2020.

Podcast: Twitteranalyse i en Coronatid. On the podcast Data Snak. Morten Axel Pedersen and Thyge Ryom Enggard participated. 01 Jun 2020.

Radio: P1 Morgen. On Danmarks Radio (Danish News Corporation). Thyge Ryom Enggard participated and talked about DISTRACT's analysis of tweets during the corona lockdown. 27 May 2020.




















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DISTRACT is funded by an Advanced Grant from the European Research Council. Period: 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2024

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Head of project, professor Morten Axel Pedersen

Deputy head of project, assistant professor Kristoffer Albris


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