3. marts 2022

Sofie Læbo and August Lohse held a presentation at Roskilde Katedralskole

For a project day about the interplay between math and social studies, DISTRACT PhD Fellows Sofie Læbo and August Lohse presented at Roskilde Katedralskole about the role of math in their social science research.

Sofie talked about network analysis and presented formulas to calculate connectedness and identify clusters in networks. Sofie presented one of her own projects, and she introduced prevalent network studies made at The Faculty of Social Sciences at The University of Copenhagen. Towards the end, Sofie encouraged the students to think about which networks they are a part of.

August talked about different approaches of how to use math to study political ideology. In collaboration with the students, August measured the political ideology for the classes attending the presentation, and then he used statistics to examine whether their ideological stands differed from the rest of society. August also explained how he can use deep learning to process text produced by certain individuals to measure their political ideology.

august presenting

sofie presenting