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Researchers connected to Copenhagen Centre for Social Data Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, UCPH.

Furthermore associate professor Sune Lehmann Jørgensen from the Technical University of Denmark is connected to the centre as associate director.

Anders BlokAssociate professor +45 353-23577E-mail
Andreas Bjerre-NielsenAssistant professor +45 353-24417E-mail
David Dreyer LassenProfessor +45 353-24412E-mail
Hjalmar Alexander Bang CarlsenPhD student +45 353-34449E-mail
Kristoffer AlbrisAssistant professor  E-mail
Kristoffer Pade GlavindPhD fellow +45 353-36934E-mail
Mette My MadsenResearch assistant +45 353-37454E-mail
Morten Axel PedersenProfessor +45 353-23475E-mail
Nete SchwennesenAssociate professor  E-mail
Rebecca Adler-NissenProfessor +45 353-23397E-mail
Simon Westergaard LexAssistant professor +45 353-23458E-mail
Snorre RalundPhD fellow +45 353-35715E-mail
Ulf Aslak JensenPhD fellow +45 353-32194E-mail