About Copenhagen Centre for Social Data Science

SODAS is an interdisciplinary social science centre based at the Faculty of Social Sciences, UCPH. Combining the entire range of classic social science methods from econometrics to ethnography with new data science techniques including machine learning and natural language processing, SODAS aspires to do cutting-edge and creative interdisciplinary research, teaching and impact at the fertile crossroads between the social sciences and data science. In collaboration with our partners from UCPH and others universities in Denmark and abroad, as well as private, public and civil society institutions, SODAS is home to several large research projects funded by, among others, the European Research Council, the Carlsberg Foundation and the Villum Foundation.

Teaching, Support and Collaboration

SODAS plays a leading role in the new English language-based M.Sc. in Social Data Science, at UCPH. Combining state of the art data science methods with solid social science analysis , the programme is based on three concepts – behaviour, networks and ideas – which the new interdisciplinary field of social data science shares with the five classic social science subjects taught at the Faculty (anthropology, economics, political science, psychology and sociology). SODAS is also involved in other teaching activities, including the popular summer-school Introduction to Social Data Science at the Department of Economics and other social data science related courses taught by the five departments at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Researchers from SODAS also take part in numerous further-education activities and in research dissimilation to the wider public.

Our two DataLab postdocs are ready to offer assistance with various social data science tasks, including computational text analysis, scraping data from social media, and predictive modelling, with a view to facilitate collaboration across department and faculty boundaries. SODAS may also be enrolled as a partner, formally or informally, in research projects funded by public or private institutions in Denmark and abroad, and in strategic research initiatives within the university, such as the Data+ program.

Organisation and Management

As a transdisciplinary and interdepartmental strategic priority initiative, SODAS is organisationally and financially separate from the Faculty’s five departments. Referring directly to the dean, it is managed by a direction and a steering group.  Professor in Anthropology and Social Data Science Morten Axel Pedersen is the director and Professor in Political Science Rebecca Adler-Nissen is deputy director. Along with Professor of Complexity and Network Science at DTU and SODAS Sune Lehmann Jørgensen, Associate Professor in Sociology Anders Blok, Professor in Psychology Ingo Zettler and Assistant Professor and head of study of the SDS M.Sc. program Andreas Bjerre-Nielsen, they make up the SODAS steering committee.

In addition to the centre administrator, the two DataLab postdocs, and a handful of student assistants, SODAS is home to some twenty assistant professors, postdocs and PhD student fully or partly employed by the centre. SODAS also comprises a number of additional researchers from each of the Faculty’s five departments, who are involved in social data science and/or teach at the SDS M.Sc. program. Finally, SODAS welcomes a steady flow of guest researchers and research associates from Denmark and aboard.

The centre administration as well as the offices of numerous research projects and researchers are located at CSS, Øster Farimagsgade 5, Bldg. 1, 2 floor. Offices for additional researchers, technical staff and students are found Bldg. 1 ground and first floor. You can find us here.

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