View small videos with SODAS researchers and hear them talk about their recent research.

Understanding human behavior during Covid-19

Professor Robert Böhm on how he uses unstructured large scale data to better understand human behavior.

How to study sentiments against Muslims

Assistant Professor Friedolin Merhout talks about how to study radicalization among muslims by use of Google search data instead of regular methodology such as surveys.

Studying computer science, norms and values

Assistant Professor Samantha Breslin’s research focuses on ethnographic methods and computer science. Which norms and values are produced when studying computer science as a degree?

Social Medias effects on international politics

Profesor Rebecca Adler-Nissen talks about how social medias effect confidential international negotiations (the DIPLOFACE project).

Social structures based on smartphone data

PhD student Ulf Aslak talks about his research in mapping of social groups and networks based on data from smartphones (the social fabric project).

Human Mobility

Postdoc Laura Alessandretti discusses Human Mobility. In particular she looks at human mobility trying to understand and model how people move.

DPOs and data governance

Anthropologist Kristoffer Albris talks about DPOs and data governance in Denmark. For example which networks do DPO's take part in?

Urban Green Communities

Sociologist Anders Blok talks about his research in urban green communities in Danish cities. He uses Facebook as a source of public accessible data.

Social data science and party sociality

Professor in Anthropology Morten Axel Pedersen talks about social data science in relation to party sociality: What is a social atmosphere?