5 November 2020

Virtual special issue on digital methods

The Department of Anthropology at The University of Copenhagen has published a virtual special issue entitled Digital methods in/and anthropology 2020. The issue collects expertise on online socialites, digital methods in ethnography, studying programmers and algorithm makers and social data science. The issue holds several contributions by DISTRACT staff - Morten Axel Pedersen, Professor and PI, Anders Blok, Associate Professor and Co-PI, Kristoffer Albris, Assistant Professor - DISTRACT affiliated - Thyge Ryom Enggaard, PhD fellow, Tobias Priesholm Gårdhus, Student Assistant - SODAS staff - Samantha Breslin, Assistant Professor, Snorre Ralund, Research Assistant - and Nete Schwennesen, PostDoctoral Researcher affiliated with SODAS.

Their publications may be found here:

Online socialities

Using digital methods in ethnography

Studying programmers and algorithm makers

Anthropology and social data science