29 September 2022

See You Later Thick Data! Blog series on Anthrodendum

DISTRACT researchers Sofie Læbo Astrupgaard and Emilie Munch Gregersen have - in collaboration with PhD student at Aarhus University Clara Rosa Sandy - written a blog post series that has been published on the widely read and popular anthropology blog Anthrodendum.

The blog series includes a preface and five posts about their experimentation with combining ethnographic data and other types of digital and behavioral data in a collaborative and interdisciplinary manner.

Read the preface to the blogpost here, and Part 1 in the series here, where Sofie, Emilie and Clara lay out the scope of their ethnographic experiments at the People's Meeting event (Folkemødet) in 2021. In the coming blog posts, the three researchers will introduce readers to a number of ethnographic examples and methodological considerations in their attempt to reconfigure ethnographic practice.