21 May 2024

Malene Hornstrup Jespersen presents at COMPTEXT 2024

Malene Hornstrup Jespersen at COMPTEXT 2024
Malene Hornstrup Jespersen at COMPTEXT 2024

In the beginning of May DISTRACT PhD Malene Hornstrup Jespersen presented at the COMPTEXT 2024 conference held in Amsterdam. COMPTEXT gathers researchers using computational methods to find answers to social science questions. Specifically, the focus was research that finds patterns in huge text corpora, such as news articles or social media posts.

Under the title 'On the topic of modeling: A framework for the comparison of topic modeling approaches used to map discourse about the digital backlash' Malene Hornstrup Jespersen presented her work on comparing topic modeling algorithms – a machine learning method for finding common topics across a large number of text documents. In her presentation Malene highlighted how choosing the right topic modeling algorithm can be a challenge, but is highly important for researchers to consider, as the choice of model can lead to vastly different results.