16 November 2020

Focus group interview on corona/climate article

On November 11th, Annika Isfeldt, Research Assistant at DISTRACT, facilitated a focus group interview co-hosted by the Democracy Garage. The interview focused on a forthcoming article by Isfeldt and a group of researchers from DISTRACT on the climate work conducted by green actors during the Covid-19 lockdown in Denmark and in particular on the hashtag #Grøngenstart which was coined during the lockdown and became a way of framing ideas of how to rebuild society more environmentally friendly following the lockdown. Present to discuss the findings and arguments of the article were representatives from green movements (Greenpeace, Extinction Rebellion and Den Grønne Studenterbevægelse) and a journalist (Karen Lumholt) working with climate related issues. All of these representatives had previously been interviewed individually for the Velux funded project upon which the article was built.

#Grøngenstart over time(Plot of tweets posted on Danish Twitter using the search term grøn genstart over the period from March to July 2020.)