SODAS Data Discussion w/ Gregory Eady & Yangliu Fan

Copenhagen Center for Social Data Science (SODAS), is pleased to announce that we are continuing with SODAS Data Discussions this fall.

SODAS aspirers to be a resource for all students and researchers at the Faculty of Social Sciences. We therefor invite researchers across the faculty to present ongoing research projects, project applications or just a loose idea that relates to the subject of social data science.

Every month two researchers will present their work. The rules are simple: short research presentations of ten minutes are followed by twenty minutes of debate. No papers will be circulated beforehand, and the presentations cannot be longer than five slides.

Assistant Professor at Department of Political Science, Gregory Eady, and Ph.d. student, Yangliu Fan, will present their work. 

Gregory Eady's title and abstract to be announced.

Yangliu Fan: Social Media Data and Social Science Research

Social media have attracted considerable attention during the past several years from different types of users, including social scientists who have produced substantial literature. This methodological project aims to investigate the use of social media data (including big data) in social science research, particularly in sociology, communication and media studies. It will present a systematic literature review of academic articles that adopt social media data for research purposes. Only high-quality research articles will be selected, and they must feature the utilisation of social media data. The analysis of relevant articles will be structured in an explanatory sequential design. Specifically, the articles will be reviewed, analysed and mapped using the quantitative research approach, and a subset of articles will be chosen for a more in-depth qualitative content analysis. The large-scale review aims to examine the interrelationships between scholars’ purposes for using social media data, the types of social media they use and the affordances of social media platforms. In addition, the opinions of academics from studied disciplines will be collected and analysed through interviews and surveys to explore not only the impacts of social media (including big data) as research tools used in the social science realm, but also as a means of communication and advertising of scientific knowledge and career progression.

The SODAS Data Discussion will take place at SODAS in building 1, 2nd floor, room 26 (1.2.26) of the CSS Campus, University of Copenhagen, from 11.00 am to 12.00 noon.

If you have questions or want to know more, please write Sophie Smitt Sindrup Grønning at