SODAS Inaugural Lecture Series 2017

Data has become part of the basic fabric of social life in many different ways. What sorts of questions do we need to start asking in order to understand, prepare for, and shape our futures with and through digital data?

The Centre for Social Data Science (SODAS) at the University of Copenhagen is convening its inaugural Lecture Series on the theme of Data Futures. Speakers from different disciplines are asked to reflect on the most pressing questions for contemporary society as we face futures living with and through data. The lectures will be aimed at an interdisciplinary audience - all welcome.

The Centre for Social Data Science (SODAS) is pleased to announce its third lecture in the DATA FUTURES Lecture Series, on Friday 19th May, 11.00am in Room 35.3.20, CSS Campus, UCPH.

Anders SøgaardThe lecture will be given by professor Anders Søgaard, who is Professor in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, at the Department of Computer Science, UCPH.

Please find the title and abstract of Prof Søgaard's lecture below:

The Return of the Fifty Foot Approximately Correct AI

In our research group at the Dpt. of Computer Science, we teach computers to understand, produce, and reason with language. These are all cornerstones of artificial intelligence (AI), a term that has regained popularity in recent years. It seems the optimism and the ambitions of early day AI have been restored, and at the core of the updated grand vision is the concept of multi-task and transfer learning. This has also been the central research theme in our research group the last years. I give examples of our research and share my version of the grand vision of AI.

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