Cross-national dynamics of risk-related attitudes on social media

Is the corona pandemic crowding out government, business, and civil society attention to and plans for addressing the green transition - or, conversely, might the pandemic in fact be re-energizing collective attitudes to also address the risks of climate change?

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Anders Blok Associate professor +45 353-23577 E-mail
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The project has received a grant of DKK 282.619 from The Velux Foundations as one of 13 human and social data collection projects that will examine how the Covid-19 crisis affects our lives and society.

The project also includes researchers co-financed by the ERC funded project Distract: The Political Economy of Distraction in Digitised Denmark. 

Project: Cross-national dynamics of risk-related attitutes on social media
Period:  February 2020-July 2020


Associate professor Anders Blok
Telephone: +45 35 32 35 77