26 August 2020

The global pandemic in a savior role

Professor at Department of Political Science Asmus Leth Olsen and Assistant Professor Frederik Georg Hjorth are featured in Berlingske. Below you can read an extract from the article.

"This week featured the story that some citizens of Aarhus have misunderstood the message when they have been told that their corona test was positive. They thought it was good news - not that the test actually confirmed the presence of the disease. History does not report whether the same Aarhusians also always have a car door with them out into the desert, so they can open the window if it gets too hot.

To increase the confusion further, we can also talk about a form of corona-positive Danes in attitude research. They are not sick, but they belong to a political minority that can see something positive in the corona epidemic. Namely, the potential of the corona to show that another world is possible. We could also call them corona opportunists.

As part of a research project together with Assistant Professor Frederik Hjorth I have tried to identify and examine this minority."

You can read the full article here.

Note that the article is in Danish.