28 November 2022

Roberta Sinatra in Northwestern University Panel on “Inequalities in Scientific Production”

Northwestern University Panel
Photo: Northwestern University

SODAS professor Roberta Sinatra will discuss “Inequalities in Scientific Production” in conversation with Jevin West, Cassidy Sugimoto, and Fariba Karimi in panel hosted by Northwestern University

The panel discussion will take place on zoom on 8th December 01:00 PM (Central Time, US and Canada), and it is possible to sign up for this interesting conversation on science and inequality by following this link.

The conversation between the three panelist, Roberta Sinatra, Jevin West, Cassidy Sugimoto, and Fariba Karimi, will explore existing inequalities in science and what academia can do to work towards ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion in the service of better science and society. The panel will be moderated by Ágnes Horvát.