28 September 2022

Andreas Bjerre-Nielsen will give talk as part of the AI seminar series

AI seminar

Andreas Bjerre-Nielsen, Associate Professor at Department of Economics and member of SODAS, University of Copenhagen, will talk on big data for predicting student success on 30 September 2022 at 1 PM.

Time: 30 Sept. 2022, 13:00
Place: Aud. 1, HCØ, Universitetsparken 5, 2100 Ø
Organizer: SCIENCE AI Center, University of Copenhagen


Big data for predicting student success - limits and policy potential


Students and educators bring an increasing amount of digital technology into the class room. We show the potential and limits for turning the data they collect into useful predictions. We explore the scope for estimating deep representations of students’ academic achievements prior to college admission and the potential to use this information in college admissions.


Andreas is an Associate Professor of Economics and Social Data Science at University of Copenhagen. The majority of his research focuses on education related behavior and policies, combining methods from economics and data science. Andreas is a recent winner of the Tietgen Prize. Additional information can be found on his website.

AI seminar series 

The seminar is a part of the AI Seminar Series organised by SCIENCE AI Centre. The series highlights advances and challenges in research within Machine Learning, Data Science, and AI. Like the AI Centre itself, the seminar series has a broad scope, covering both new methodological contributions, ground-breaking applications, and impacts on society.