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Social Fabric

1,000 smartphones reveal a lot of information about young people and their friendships

For three years, researchers from the University of Copenhagen and the Technical University of Denmark have harvested and analysed data activity from up to 1,000 students’ smartphones as part of the Social Fabric project, and the researchers now have precise knowledge of how, when and how much the young people communicate with their fellow students. The data shows whether the students talk on the phone, write texts, emails or Facebook messages, or meet physically.

The researchers do not monitor what is being spoken, written and chatted about, but when they analyse the young people’s phone activities, some clear patterns appear, and these patterns can show which types of students are in danger of quitting their degree programmes early and what characterises a well-functioning study group.

Read more about the Social Fabric project here.

The project is led by Professor of Economics David Dreyer Lassen of the University of Copenhagen, and Associate Professor Sune Lehmann Jørgensen of the Technical University of Denmark