COVID-19 Snapshot MOnitoring in Denmark (COSMO Denmark)

This project investigates Danish citizens’ knowledge, perceptions and behaviours related to the outbreak of the new coronavirus (COVID-19). The results will help to understand how people respond to the coronavirus outbreak and what is the effect of different behavioral measures and regulations.

Global lockdown. People looking at the Earth in chains. Photo: Colourbox















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Friedolin Merhout Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535324127 E-mail
Ingo Zettler Professor +4535324850 E-mail
Lau Lilleholt PhD Student +4524633439 E-mail
Matthias Gondan Associate Professor +4535324843 E-mail
Morten Axel Pedersen Professor +4535323475 E-mail
Robert Böhm Professor +4535337227 E-mail

Funded by:

COSMO has received a one year funding from the Lundbeck Foundation and the UCPH Faculty Emergency Grants.

Project: COVID-19 Snapshot Monitorin in Denmark (COSMO Denmark)
Period:  March 2020 to September 2021


PI Robert Böhm
Professor in Applied Social Psychology and Behavioral Science

Ingo Zettler
Professor in Psychology